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>> president obama's november re-election pushed immigration reform to the front burner. >> but the issue is now firing up top republicans over several leak proposals. >> this raises the question many of us continue to wonder about. does the president want a result or does he want another cogil to beat out republicans. >> the president wants to create a special new visa for illegal immigrants. letting them stay in the u.s. for permanent legal status and according to the report letting immigrants stay in the country. if they have less than three criminal convictions and haven't spent more than a year in prison. >> we are doing exactly what we said we'd do. we'll be prepared
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which we're very aggressively supporting. >> at first glance, the proposals go beyond what the president himself laid out less than a week ago. >> the time has come to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> in his state of the union address, president obama said illegal immigrants should not benefit over illegal immigrants. >> a path that includes passing a background check. learning english and going to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here legally. >> democrats are eager to hold on to the 71% latino votes they want in the 2012 election. republicans are trying to show they are not antiimmigrant. analysts say the stakes for both sides are high. >> the republicans think they need to do immigration reform to get hispanics back into the party. they promised hispanics immigration reform. >> and for their part, latino voters have made it clear, tend
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to hold both sides on immigration reform. >> the one realisticy point in all of this from many republicans is going to come down to boarder security. the plan that is being put together is expected to require the boarders be secure and meet certain markers before there's any final pathway to citizenship. >> tonight across the board government spending cuts set to take affect in less than two weeks. 46 billion to that from the pentagon. 10,000 teachers could be laid off. a reduction of boarder agents. longer waits on airport security lines. hold a meeting tuesday to outline what the cuts could do to their respective counties. chuck hagel's nomination remains up in the air. republicans delayed a confirmation vote. questioned how the white house questioned the deadly attack
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which had nothing to do with chuck hagel. even though he does not think hage l is qualified, he will be confirmed. another vote expected after con-- several gun and ammunition companies are threatening to leave if new strict laws are put into place. a ban of magazines that include more than 15 rounds. a gun tax on all purchases. a ban on private sale of firearms and instituting you know vicious al background checks. >> over 200 jobs in assembly shipping design and headquarters facilities. and 400 or even more in our supplier's subcontractors throughout colorado. >> final action on all four measures are expected in the colorado state house today. supported by vice president joe biden.
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a news alert tonight. on the scene of a police involved shooting. duke street and wheeler avenue. police showed up to investigate a domestic call at the quaker village apartments. matt ackland live on the scene. what do you know? >> reporter: alexander investigators still have this section behind me of duke street closed off. it's been like this for about four hours now. it all began when police got a 911 call for help. when they arrived, they shot the man who they said had a weapon. let's get to video shot earlier. happened out in front of the quaker village. there are markers for gun casings and police put up a sheet to shield the body from cameras. several officers responded and didn't have to go far. we spoke with the police chief earlier tonight. here's what he had to say. >> we got a call for a domestic
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3400 block. officers responded to the call. it was indeed a domestic going on. several things were happening that seemed to be contention within the family there. and then the officers were confronted by a gentleman. and then we ended up with a shooting. >> the chief did say that a weapon was recovered but at this point they are not releasing the victim's name or anyone else that may have been involved in the incident earlier today. we'll keep you updated. >> fairfax county police are on the scene of a homicide investigation. the body of a woman inside a burning apartment. investigators believe she was murdered. paul wagner to check it out. >> reporter: brian, late this afternoon fairfax county police said the woman found dead inside had the burning apartment died
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from some kind of trauma to the upper body before the firefighters arrived. they say she was burned beyond recognition. there have been no identification yet and there have been no arrests. a woman who lives inside the apartment just above says she heard a loud argument early this morning. >> just after 6:00 this morning, a resident of the water side apartments called 911 to say she smelled smoke but wasn't sure where it was coming from. when firefighters arrived, there were no flames and no visible smoke. they noticed smoke coming from a second floor apartment and forced entry where they found the woman burned beyond recognition. a police bloodhound led his handler before losing the track. a resident who lives on the third floor said she heard a loud argument about 230 this morning.
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>> i didn't hear the other person. he did sound upset. when he cussed, that was distinct. i heard that. >> we haven't identified the victim. well aware in contact with the leasing office. they are following up on that information. i do not know where this victim lived or who they were. >> reporter: and at this hour, police are still holding the crime scene. the manager of this complex would not let reporters on to the property. we have not been able to go door to door to find out more on who lived there. >> the edge on dc where police say they were at the southeast home of a man sunday morning right before it went up in flames. jerome lewis is charged with assault and threats. firefighters found 4 year old samari jenkins inside the home. straight ahead on the news edge, growing health crisis. childhood obesity. why some
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school systems say they can't afford to serve better choices for lunch. then rubio rebounds. how the senator is capitalizing on his water bottle incident. >> we can all relate to that. what a cold day, cold weekend we've had. i'll let you know if it's going to cause any concerns. if only we can get away to florida. like scott smith did. how was it down there today? >> reporter: day five for us here in florida for nats spring training and a beautiful day out on the diamond. coming up in the sports edge, we sit down with jason worth. and gm. don't go anywhere. that's ahead in sports.
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pope benedict xvi started a week long spiritual retreat today. attended a ceremony this
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morning. pope ben dinth will not make any more appearances until next sunday. the vatican hasn't announced the start date but might start sooner than march 15th. republican florida senator marco rubio is selling water. >> his water bottle gaff has gone viral and he is capitolizing on the moment. he's raised more than $100,000 for the reclaim america political action committee. the water bottles have rubio's name printed on the side. facebook made about $1.1 billion in profits in the u.s. last year. didn't pay a dime in taxes. the company is getting a refund. $429 million worth. all thanks to one tax deduction for executive stock options. gets to make
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deductions when employees make deductions. president obama trying to get rid of tax loopholes. smaller portions and more fruits and vegetables. not popular with kids or adults. why healthy school lunches are getting resistance. a new bill raises awareness forehead injuries in high schools. >> ♪ >> the harlem shake has made it to the oval office. our presidential joined in.
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the rules addressing youth concussions will advance to the
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virginia general assembly. the house subcommittee is backed a bill. the measure passed the senate. mandates private schools who use public school property for identifying and handling concussions. public schools are already required to have concussion policies. childhood obesity a big problem. not everybody on board with the healthy hunger free kid's act. rick has more. >> reporter: the regulations are part of the healthy hunger free kid's act aimed at reducing childhood obesity. use hole grains and less salt and trim to half a slice of pizza or a sandwich with a single slice of deli meat. half the kids stopped buying the meals. >> i understand what the government was trying to do. i can't force a kid to eat their fruits and vegetables. when they take an apple what it cost
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me and throw it in the garbage. that's 31 cents the government is paying me back. >> districts like opted out. trying to stay healthy while offering more of what kids want. >> i think the legislation was well intended. yes, there's a lack of childhood exercise. it doesn't always apply. we need to figure out ways to differentiate. >> with areas of high poverty levels. the u.s. department of agriculture released a statement usda encourages the few school districts who have chosen not to participate in the school lunch program to take steps tone sure all children will have access to healthy affordable meals. in
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new york, fox news. >> a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of george washington today. mount vernon open to the public. the third infantry regiment and a patriotic music concert. known as the old guard. the nation's oldest act of infantry regiment and official unit for the president. >> tomorrow will be a different story. >> they at least got to do it in the dry weather. happy president's day, brian. tomorrow we'll have to watch presip moving in. mostly rain. if it were to sneak in early enough, mostly we think that's going to be in the mountains and show you where in a moment. you know what i love about this picture? the sun went down at 5:49. we are gaining day light time. i
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think it's march 10th. going to go back to day light saving time. i like seeing those brighter skies. going to be a chilly week. we got a taste of that over the weekend, didn't we? today's high temperatures not that bad. this was a little below average but not terrible. we'll have a little warmer day tomorrow and then we're back below average for the rest of this week. our temperature is 39 degrees. we look out to the west. 41 degrees for cumberland. not all that cold at this point. overnight we'll have to watch temperatures closely. mostly dry overnight. we think the district drops to the 34 degree mark. a degree or two near that. if precipitation we've been watching were to get in early you could have a little bit of snow or sleet. before it changes over to rain sometime in the late morning tomorrow.
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just clouds come on in. as we look out to our west a frontal boundary. still pretty far away. overnight, that will be getting closer and start to spread into the mountains. we don't have any winter weather advisories or the nearby suburbs. you get out into the highlands. and between 4 a.m. and 11 a.m. a very light wintery mix possible. it is slightly possible that it gets over the highlands in a spotty fashion closer to morning. for most of us, this is not going to be a big problem. let's take it with the future cast so you can see what we're talking about. as we go through the overnight hours, not seeing much in the way of precipitation. 7:00 in the morning and it is beginning in the mountains. patches of white and blue and pink indicating
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snow to sleet or freezing rain. that's 7 in the morning. the rest of us residencying much. by 9:00 a.m., starting to sneak across interstate 81. for the district hasn't gotten here. it's possible could be patches of wintery mix. by noon, we're all getting wet and temperatures are going to pump into the upper 40s. and by 7 or 8:00, it's out of here. maybe we see left over snow in the mountains. it is a cold front that's going to come through bringing south wind ands showers for the most part. after it goes by, back to sunshine on wednesday. brings in the colder air and strong breezes as well. a little on the cold side as mentioned. fox 5 accu weather 7 day forecast. briefly warmer tomorrow and maybe toward end of the weekend going to be mostly chilly days here. tomorrow about 48 with rain showers and wednesday about 38.
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thursday 42 with the sun back. we'll have to watch friday night into saturday. maybe another round of wintery mix. nothing big but the pattern still active and unsettled. >> first big time wind as maryland's coach against duke. mark turgeon knows there's a lot more work to be done. scott live with the sports edge. university of maryland student showed duke what they had on and off the court. they choreographed a flash mob saturday night. if you haven't seen this whole thing. this one in the first half and the harlem shake in the second half. check it out on youtube.
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welcome back to florida for day 2. entire teamworking out. it's nats spring training . and game one start of the spring. surprise, surprise. it's steven strassburg. he will throw on saturday. jordan zimmermann will throw in game 2 on sunday. to practice today in the diamond and beautiful day out there. near perfect weather. catch the team bounced from station to station. as you might imagine batting practice drew the larger crowd. game 4 hero jason worth. he and i talked today about his iconic home run against those cardinals. >> i think about both those days a lot. >> what kind of sticks out here when you look back at 2012? game force high? >> combination. probably the biggest highest point of most of our careers to the lowest in
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about 24 hours. it was a roller coaster ride of good and bad. and then it was over. things like that. it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. >> you said something you come back together as a team and reunite and start all over. that you guys are anxious to get back to. >> yeah, it was good. most of these guys we got they are so talented and so many things and they are still so young they've never been through any adversity. so it's a good character building moment for us. and definitely build on it and once we get going here, i'm sure everybody will turn the page and we'll be off to the 2013 season. it will be fun. >> the team is expecting even brighter days ahead. and that's notify large part to mike rizzo.
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>> by no means is this an individual success story by myself. we've put together a great staff in the front office. scouting player development throughout the organization. we do step back and grade ourselves and evaluate how we've done, how we could have done it better all the time. and i think that is what makes for a healthy franchise. >> reporter: to hoops and maryland coach has reinstated howard after suspending him last week. buzzing over big upset to duke. 83-81. huge win. it is a resume builder but the terps have to prove it wasn't a fluke. 6 games left beginning tomorrow night at boston college. >> we made a lot of strides last week. we talked about commitment on and off the floor
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to maryland basketball program. it's just one week, it's just one game. there is a little more commitment that will be made by each and every player. >> and finally, georgetown moves up into 11th. and porter named the big east player of the week. >> thanks. over to sue. one last look at the forecast. >> most of us will need our umbrellas tomorrow morning. and a few of you might need an ice scraper well to the west. after we get through that, cold the rest of the week. >> see you back here tonight at 10:00. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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